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City Electric Motor Company has been, and continues to be, a supplier of new and used electric motors since 1930. We have become one of the nation's largest electric motor shops and have built our reputation by offering quality and trust for over 75 years.

At City Electric Motor we offer new and used motors from all the major manufacturers providing Squirrel Cage, Vertical, Synchronous, DC, and Slipring (Wound Rotor) motors. We have, in stock, 50 HP to 25,000 HP, all RPM's, Enclosures, Volts, including 50/60 Hertz. We offer both rental and trade-ins and provide competitive pricing.

Whether you are looking to repair a motor or need one custom built we have our own complete motor repair shop to insure quality craftsmanship. We specialize in hard to find motors and have been a member of EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) since 1976.


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We service the following industries:
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Utilities
  • Mining
  • Municipal & Wastewater
  • Steel Mill
  • Industrial
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Pulp And Paper
  • Recycling
  • Marine
  • United States Government
  • Cement mills
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Agricultural
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